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Red Clay Hills Barn Quilt Trail

Barn quilts are painted quilt squares-usually fashioned on boards and then mounted on a barn or other building. While cloth quilts are usually made up of a series of squares of the same pattern placed together, a barn quilt is almost always a single square.


The Quilts

Join the Red Clay Hills Barn Quilt Trail!

Sails in the Sunset

12201 Rd 402

Pattern chosen because of designer's love for watching sunsets.


Sails in the Sunset

12201 Rd 402 

Pattern chosen because of designer's love for watching sunsets. 

Spinning Star

14670 Hwy 21 South

This barn quilt design was chosen because it resembles the top of a carnival ride as observed from atop the  ferris wheel.  It is displayed on fair cabin 183 during the week of the Neshoba County Fair, but can be viewed at 14670 Hwy 21 South for the remainder of the year.

Ohio Star

10420 Rd 412

Autumnal color scheme with a contrasting use of maple leaves, alternates several patterns with interesting shapes nestled within the entirety of the piece. 

Carpenter's Star

13941 RD 210

This pattern was chosen because it resembles the color wheel.                                          

Stars and Stripes

10031 Rd 232 

Patriotic pattern comes from the love of America and the designer's wish to display our nation's flag.

Log Cabin

10630 RD 127

This pattern was chosen in honor of the designer's mother, who loved to quilt. The log cabin pattern also suited the designer's rustic home.

Philadelphia - Neshoba         County Library

230 W Beacon St 

This pattern was designed as reference to the library's books and colorful character. The tree in the center is an alternate take on the library's tree motif found throughout the building in decoration, design and logo. 


10440 Rd 311

A classic look of a vintage quilt, intricately designed into a single replicable pattern. A challenging idea for anyone who is very, very good with a needle!

Shades of Mosaic

10551 Rd 240

A colorful arrangement of triangles, swirled together in a complex series of shading.

Grandmaw Scrape

12051 Rd 418

A fun, playful design utilizing an eye-catching arrangement of colors with similarly striking use of geometry.

Flag Heart

Neshoba County Community                         Center

A display of patriotism and warmth of heart, centered on a field of yellow. Vibrant and inspiring.

The Trail

In many communities, an organizing group-an arts council, a quilt guild, a 4-H club, or simply a motivated bunch of residents-work together to organize their barn quilts into a trail. Some are guided walks in a downtown area that includes historical buildings. More often, quilt trails take visitors on a drive through the countryside where barn quilts are mounted on farm buildings, on homes, along fences, and sometimes on freestanding posts. A quilt trail may include stops at galleries, farm stands, and other points of interest that make the journey a day-long event.The Red Clay Hills Barn Quilt Trail is headquartered in Neshoba County and extends membership to anyone residing in neighboring counties. 

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